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Victims of Accident Injury

An accident engulfs injured victims in physical and psychological trauma and the uncertainty of what awaits leaves them anxious and confused. It is in this cloud of darkness which the accident injury victims must come out into the light of justice to prevail.

TRAUMA - Physical and Psychological Injury
DARKNESS - Anxiety and Confusion in what to do
LIGHT - #TheOneCallToDoItAll  #CallAirs

"AIRS" is here for you with Pat E Bianculli Esquire, partner with the personal injury firm of Fritz & Bianculli LLC  and his network of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to rapidly respond to your call to launch "AIRS" to:

  • Conduct an extensive and exhaustive investigation of the accident site to gather all evidence.
  • Analysis of all evidence to prove the elements of your lawsuit.
  • Maintain consistent client communications from the free initial consultation to the successful resolution you desire.

Pasquale “Pat” Bianculli Esquire PC

Partner/ Fritz & Bianculli LLC

President/ Accident Injury Response System “AIRS”

FIRM: 215-458-2222 (Pat / Ciarra)

CELL: 215-620-7828 (Pat)