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Before becoming an attorney, I worked for nearly 18 years in the construction industry as an Union rodsetter/ironworker for Local 405.

This was time that impressed upon me the hard work done day in and day out by the working men and women of this country. It is work that is too seldom and too little appreciated. Sharing the same experiences and struggle, I was left with a life-long admiration and respect for the great diligence and quiet humbleness with which these men and women carry on. Often, I witnessed the terrible burden of injury and how daunting the recovery process proved to be.

I was driven to become an attorney because I had a passion for the law and what the law could do for those who are wronged when it is done well and with honesty. I wanted to do this kind of work and in so doing, alleviate the burden of those confronting with the hardship of injury.

I wished to be an attorney who strived and achieved excellence in the profession and did so while making the needs of each and every client paramount. Because it was this, I believed, that distinguished one attorney from another: how the client is treated. Success would be empty if the maximum satisfaction of the client was left unfulfilled.

To this day, I continue to strive for the same.

I created Union Services Access because I wanted to give Union Members and their families full access to all areas of the law. At the same time I wished to offer the necessary services that would lighten the hardship of injury, provide the care and guidance for a full recovery and achieve the best possible success.

Since 2002, I have been a member of IBEW Local 98, also serving as the union’s counsel. It has been here where my ties with Unions has become closer and my desire to help union members has been strengthened.

In 2014 I graciously accepted the Peggy Browning Award, an honor given to those who fervently advocate for the rights and needs of working people. For me, this was recognition that was extremely heartfelt. But more than providing satisfaction this award has invigorated my desire and strengthened my determination to do more for the working people of this country.

As an attorney, my extensive experience in the construction industry has proven invaluable.

Working with law firm Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett and Bendeski has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars including a $17 million settlement for the family of an electrician, the largest reported settlement for a wrongful death case in Philadelphia county history.

My own personal injury law firm Pasquale E. Bianculli Esquire PC focuses on construction and workplace accidents, wrongful deaths, slip, trip and fall accidents, electrical accidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and social security disability.

Most recently, I joined attorney Brian Fritz as a Partner to form Fritz & Bianculli, LLC. Our collective legal experience and shared devotion to the needs of clients, shall prove a very successful venture and will do much to satisfy my sincere wish to help those beset by the burden of injury.

Pennsylvania Bar Association Member

New Jersey State Bar Association Member

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