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For over the past 30 years, my partner and friend, Pasquale”Pat”Bianculli, has concentrated his practice of law in personal injury. Prior to becoming a Pennsylvania and New Jersey licensed attorney in 1992, Pat developed a vast array of life experience in working approximately 13 years in the construction industry as a Local 405/399/350 rodsetter / ironworker overseeing the estimating and installation of rebar and steel on many high rise projects in Atlantic City and Philadelphia and responsible for the work supervision of over 100 plus skilled workers. This time left him with an extensive understanding of the construction industry and all the issues related to workplace regulation and safety which made him unique compared to other personal injury attorneys.

Also, and more importantly the experience working alongside countless men and women of all trades he saw the quiet humbleness, diligence and devotion with which so many of this country's working people carry on, day after day. This firsthand experience instilled in him a deep empathy for those who are injured and a sincere desire to support them through their recovery process.

At the same time, he saw how these very same people were severely impacted by accident injury as a result of negligence and the trauma associated not only as a result of the injury but also the darkness and doubt with what they had to fight for in handling the issues of medical treatment and billing, insurance companies and the entire legal process as a whole. What he saw was the terrible toll upon not only the injured but also his and her family. This impression is forever ingrained in his heart and soul and the reason he became a personal injury attorney.

For the nature of humanity, its essence, is to feel another's pain as one's own, and to act to take that pain away. There is a nobility in compassion and a beauty in empathy.

In his 30 plus years as an attorney, he was a law clerk for a Philadelphia Administrative Judge in the Civil Division responsible for pre-trial and settlement conferences as well as drafting over 200 legal opinions. He was appointed Director of Civil Jury Operations for Philadelphia for several years until he left to concentrate on his solo personal injury practice. As President of the personal accident injury firm of Pasquale E Bianculli Esquire PC  he represents those injured in accidents. Personal injury law is “tort” law that covers when someone is physically or emotionally injured or private property is damaged or destroyed. Millions of Americans are injured in tragic accidents each year. Pasquale E. Bianculli, Esquire PC is a full service personal accident injury firm which focuses on the legal representation of individuals who have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of others. Pat's legal practice in his firm and with Fritz & Bianculli LLC focuses on representing plaintiffs in complex and catastrophic personal injury cases. His areas of expertise include construction accidents, chemical exposure, workplace accidents, slip and fall accidents, and automobile accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Pat's dedication to representing injured workers has earned him widespread recognition and accolades. In recognition of his committed work in representing accident injury victims and devout activism, he received numerous awards including the prestigious Peggy Browning Award. It was an honor that invigorated his desire to do more for those injured due to an accident. Over the course of his career, Pat has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Notable settlements include $17 million for the family of an electrician, marking one of the largest reported settlements of a wrongful death case in Philadelphia county history. He has also secured a $16.3 million settlement in an amputation case involving an Ironworker, a $14 million settlement for a worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall, and several other substantial settlements for individuals who experienced various injuries. (Settlements)

Approximately 8 years ago, he joined me, Brian Fritz Esquire, as a partner to establish the highly successful personal injury law firm of Fritz & Bianculli LLC The firm has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a two-lawyer operation to a team of six lawyers and dedicated staff. Our firm's collective legal experience of nearly 100 years with our team of outstanding attorneys and invaluable professional staff with a shared devotion to the needs of our clients has proven to be a very successful venture and collaboration between the firms in accomplishing our sincere desire to assist those beset by the trauma of accident injury.

Pat's background in the construction industry and now retired Local 405 and IBEW Local 98 member, has given him the tools to be a thoroughly effective attorney, and the impressions left on him from this time allowed him to always see and treat the client, first and foremost, as a person who has been traumatized and is now in need. Through our unwavering commitment to our clients, we have achieved numerous successful settlements, totaling millions of dollars, all while ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Where Innovation Meets Legal Excellence

Recently Pat along with his granddaughter, Ciarra Christina Bianculli Esquire, have developed and implemented in the firms an innovative, exhaustive, and successful Accident Injury Response System “AIRS” to improve an otherwise thorough and efficient accident injury investigative process to protect the rights of the client. In having the foresight over 3 years ago of the Covid-19 pandemic effects on the legal industry and the legal representational and client protocols, Pat and Ciarra created AIRS to implement the required protocol and procedural changes required to serve the clients' best interests and maximize settlement compensation for their injuries.

In consideration that clients want to be kept informed about their cases and do not want to remain in a cloud of darkness and doubt waiting for communication regarding questions on issues surrounding their treatment, insurance, and representation,

“AIRS” is HERE. The Firms of Fritz & Bianculli LLC and Pasquale E Bianculli Esquire PC with its Accident Injury Response System can help you maximize your settlement compensation for your accident injury and or property damage by protection of your legal rights and maintaining communication protocols.

The best investigations start right after the accident occurs. To help avoid the deadline of the statute of limitations passing, the legal professional will want to gather as much evidence as possible for the claim and attempt to preserve the scene of the accident. Through these actions, he or she may collect information from this location and increase the strength of the claim simultaneously.

The Accident Injury Response System provides a successful and effective accident investigation process to support your accident claim and maximize your recovery. When someone sustains an accident injury in our areas of practice from a construction or workplace site to a slip and fall to an automobile accident, you should immediately notify your immediate supervisor or appropriate authority and then make The One Call To Do It All by contacting Pasquale “Pat” Bianculli Esquire or Ciarra Bianculli Esquire at 215-458-2222 or Pat's cell number 215-620-7828 to launch AIRS. Providing the direct cell phone number and establishing open communication has proven time and again to be a successful combination.

As time is of the Essence, we have Immediate and innovative DocuSign Retainer Agreements and authorizations to facilitate your claim. This is critical as the gathering of evidence for a potential lawsuit is usually the last thing on the mind of someone sustaining injuries in an accident.

Acquiring the proper medical attention is our system's priority but at the same time our team of professionals work towards maximizing compensation by ascertaining the exact scene of the accident where the injury occurred and whose responsibility it was to oversee the area. Our safety, trained interviewers, photographers and accident injury attorneys will respond immediately through our system to document all contact information from any witnesses who may have witnessed the accident injury and or was possibly aware of the unsafe condition at the site. Furthermore a complete and thorough investigation will be conducted by our third party attorneys, accident reconstruction specialists, engineers to determine if any OSHA regulations were violated, whether any entities on the site breached their obligation to keep you safe, consult and coordinate with medical experts to ensure client is receiving appropriate treatment, as we will advocate aggressively on your behalf to receive the maximum recovery you deserve. (See AIRS Section)

In summary, Pasquale "Pat" Bianculli Esquire is a highly accomplished and respected attorney who has made a significant impact in the field of personal injury law. His remarkable career, marked by his deep empathy, vast experience, legal expertise, and unwavering commitment to his clients, has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and the gratitude of those he has helped. He continues to be a beacon of excellence in the legal community and for those injured in accidents due to the negligence of others through his Accident Injury Response System “AIRS”

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