Protect Your Rights

Why it’s important to retain a Personal Injury Lawyer immediately after your accident!


ACCIDENT SCENE INVESTIGATION. It is critical for your case to conduct a thorough investigation of an accident scene promptly before the scene changes. My professional accident investigators will gather vital information to determine cause and to identify liable parties. The sooner case preparation can begin, the more opportunity I will have to effectively litigate or negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

PRESERVE EVIDENCE. An important part of personal injury representation is to promptly secure evidence before such evidence is destroyed. In many cases, it is in the best interest of defendants and their insurance companies to see that vital evidence is destroyed so that such evidence cannot be used against them. It is our role to take prompt and necessary action to ensure that all critical evidence are secured and maintained in a controlled environment to preserve the evidence.

WITNESS INTERVIEW. For most people, memories fade as time passes. As your legal counsel, I will want to interview witnesses as soon as possible following an accident so that an accurate account of the accident can be obtained.

STATEMENTS AGAINST INTEREST. Immediately following an accident, insurance company representatives and others acting on behalf of those who may be liable for causing the accident will usually try to contact the injured party or their loved one. If they call you, the purpose of their call is not to convey their apologies, admit liability, or to tell you how they are going to fully compensate you for your injuries, but to trick you into making statements against your interest that they will use at a later date. As your attorney, I will advise you not to talk to anyone about the cause of the accident, and instead to inform anyone who calls you to have them call my office.

NO RECOVERY, NO FEE. If you do not receive a settlement or verdict, you pay nothing.

Now that you know “WHY” you should immediately retain a personal injury lawyer after sustaining an accident, the next question is “WHO”?


You should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer who possesses all of the following:

  • Knowledge of personal injury and insurance law.
  • Experience of litigating verdicts and negotiating settlements.
  • Proven results in cases representing those injured in an accident or representing the family of a loved one in a wrongful death case.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s critical to retain a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident in order to protect your legal rights, ensure that you receive the best medical treatment, and to maximize your opportunity to recover the full value for the damages that you sustained.

When you retain me, I will be there to fully advance your case and to handle all matters associated with seeking a full recovery against all those responsible for your accident and injuries.

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